Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hey Mister... I'm Throwing You Something....

Yep...  that is correct!  We spent the Mardi Gras Holiday in the New Orleans area and instead of watching the parades and begging to be thrown at.... this year we did the throwing!

Abby and Lilli had a ball!  I think they never ever want to go back to the "other side"!

Our Float

Surrounded by her "throws"

I love beads... always have... but now realize those on the parade route waving their hands... they don't want beads anymore... they want "stuff"

Practice throwing before we "rolled"

Blurry... but I could not resist!

Perfect theme for Ms. Abby!  

And we are rolling!  

Look at that crowd!  

3 hours later.... pooped!  and all out of everything!  
Thank you so much Nanny for making this possible!  It was a great day and a great experience that Abby and Lilli will remember for a lifetime!