Friday, August 12, 2011

Really Joey- Really?

Holly hasn't been the only one getting ready to depart.  Joey finished up work this morning and came home only to change, pack his car, and hit the road.

I asked to get one more "first day of school" picture with him before he left... and this is the best of the 3 dozen or so that Holly snapped.

Really Joey - Really?  How old are you?  Is that gum sticking out of your mouth supposed to keep me from posting this picture on my blog???  Not a chance!  : )  I think maybe I will even open a tw2tter account and twe@t this to all your friends!  Are they all grown ups too?  ; )

Cleaning Out Her Room

Holly has been cleaning out her room.  And... from the above picture, you can tell that she NEVER EVER throws anything out!  It seems she has every single piece of technology (with the exception of her first purple M@c desktop) that she has ever acquired.  And... they are all operable and she still uses them all....

Sweet Girl ~ Sweet Thank You

You prepare for years.  It is a goal.  For some, it seems like the time will never arrive.  For others, it comes way too fast.

For Holly, "it" is in two days.  She departs for college.

As I said above, we have been preparing for years.  But no matter how prepared we try to be, these last few days seem to be pure chaos.  So many things left to check off the list... oil change-check, hair cut-check, immunizations-check... the list goes on and on.

With the very emotional aspect of what is about to happen, I tend to get overwhelmed easily - resulting in quiet tears.

I promise scheduling oil changes doesn't normally bring me to a desperate search for a box of kleenex... but yesterday it did.

I can usually make it through a conversation with the hairdresser without my mascara running.... yesterday, not so much.

Holly knows.  She gets it.  She always gets it.  So yesterday, she drove her freshly serviced car, with her newly coiffed hair blowing out the window (I am sure) and her music a little too loud to a favorite destination of mine - and she picked up a coconut creme cupcake.

When I arrived home after getting her tag renewal, she presented me with the cupcake, a hug, and a thank you.

 Now - G!G!s cupcakes are very sweet; however, I have to say the hug and thank you were much much sweeter than that yummy cupcake yesterday!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Scattered Ducklings

The weather was horrid on Monday.  It was pretty much a day to just stay put.

Joey and Holly were sitting around the dinner table for hours, sharing files on their M@c Pros (Holly just received hers in the mail) , talking about college, and laughing at inside jokes.  Daniel joined in on his hand-me-down M@c (thank you Holly!) - searching for the perfect used car.
Abby and Lilli were at the end of the table, entertained by their colors and coloring books.  I was happily cooking - taking it all in.

I LOVE days like that - with all my "ducklings in a row".

But alas, it is that time....

Summer is drawing to a close.  Joe and I moved Joey's things (things like 2 couches, a queen bedroom set, 4 bar stools....) into his first apartment last weekend.  He moves in for good this Friday,  following his his last shift at the grocery store.

Earlier this week, Daniel had orientation at the High School and tomorrow afternoon, Abby and Lilli and I will head to their school to meet new teachers and their bus driver.

And, on Sunday, Joe and I will follow Holly a few hours down the interstate with a load of brightly colored items to decorate her dorm.  She starts an early honors class on Monday.

Next Monday - no matter what the weather - will simply not be the same.   My duckings will be scattered and I will be sitting quietly at my dinner table - a few tears dripping into my coffee cup.

Monday, August 8, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend for My Ladies

When the girls return to school next week, they should be addressed by their new titles,  "Lady Abby" and "Lady Lilli", as they were officially Knighted (by a staff member of the Alpharetta M@rriot) this past Saturday.  ; )

It was the first event of many during their medieval weekend getaway.  

Following the official ceremony, the girls were shown to their royal chamber and given their royal keys and royal attire.  Little did the M@rriot know, but these two ladies travel well prepared and had all of their royal clothing already packed.  

They changed quickly and we were off to a royal viewing of Mediv@l Times.  The show was amazing - dancing Andalusian Stallions, Knights on horseback doing tricks and jousting - and a King and Princess.
It was all so exciting.  The food was yummy too - but very messy!  No silverware!  

Alas, the royal entertainment was over - but that was just fine as there were still a few minutes for the ladies to swim before bedtime!  I do believe all  6 and 7 year olds - royal or not - enjoy a good swim!  

Sunday morning, we all awoke to a breakfast buffet that really was fit for royalty!  Then we made our way a few miles down the road for a fun visit with Uncle Mike, Aunt Courtney, Dillan and Jake!  

It was a wonderful "Last Hurrah" for summer 2011!  

We loved how the hotel had a special check in for the girls.  

Lady Abby

Lady Lilli

Getting Ready for the show.... Great front row seats! 

Beautiful Princess Lenore.  

All the Knights were so stunning - but we were cheering for the Black and White Knight.  

Lady Abby with Lady Abigail - the Falcon Trainer.  

The Black and White Knight and Abby in her royal attire.  : ) 

Back in the room after a swim and a bath - acting out all the fun they had seen at the show!