Sunday, May 12, 2013

For Abby and Lilli...

I did not realize.

Abby and Lilli check the blog regularly for updates.  Sadly, since joining facebook, I have not posted to the blog - and that was in February, 2012.

Well, that needs to change as I have an audience of 2... and that is enough reason to sit behind a key board on occasion and type a few lines about recent Judge Family outings.

That also means breaking out the "big" camera again.  Laziness has set in - it is simply way too convenient to pull out the smart phone and snap away.

So... a quick update:

As I type, Holly is probably stretching in her bed... in Xiamen China, where she is doing her second summer studying abroad.  Last summer, she took classes in New Zealand, and did this:

Joey, now a senior at University of Alabama, has been selected for a co-op position with a company that supplies axels for Mercedes Benz.  Joe and I are very proud of the man that Joey has become.  He completed a year with Best Buy last month, took a trip to Disney with his best friend from Australia, and worked hard in school to maintain his Honors standing and Dean's List.  

Daniel - who will be a senior in high school in about 2 weeks - still loves all sports!  He lettered in Varsity Tennis this year, played basketball, won both a state and national journalism award, and fished whenever possible.

Abby and Lilli are now 8 and 9 - 2nd and 3rd grade.  They are the most active of the bunch - playing basketball, golf,  and soccer.  Abby now plays with a travel basketball team - so that keeps us all busy!
They are both great students!  Abby still loves Star Wars and has now added Indiana Jones and Minecraft to her favorites list.  Lilli remains the girly girl and has started watching one of Holly's favorite shows from our Australian years - H2O: Just Add Water.  Not bad footsteps to follow in!

Add caption
Well, that is about a year and a half in a nutshell.  ; )  Enjoy Abby and Lilli...  I promise I will post a few times each month just for you guys!  If I forget... you can remind me!  ; )

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hey Mister... I'm Throwing You Something....

Yep...  that is correct!  We spent the Mardi Gras Holiday in the New Orleans area and instead of watching the parades and begging to be thrown at.... this year we did the throwing!

Abby and Lilli had a ball!  I think they never ever want to go back to the "other side"!

Our Float

Surrounded by her "throws"

I love beads... always have... but now realize those on the parade route waving their hands... they don't want beads anymore... they want "stuff"

Practice throwing before we "rolled"

Blurry... but I could not resist!

Perfect theme for Ms. Abby!  

And we are rolling!  

Look at that crowd!  

3 hours later.... pooped!  and all out of everything!  
Thank you so much Nanny for making this possible!  It was a great day and a great experience that Abby and Lilli will remember for a lifetime!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Yada, Yada, Yada

Last weekend, Joe and I went down to southern Alabama to work on our house that we are preparing to put on the market.  Holly had come home for the weekend to watch over the homestead and the siblings... so Joe and I were actually making a "weekend" out of the trip.

We arrived Saturday evening - went and checked on the house before checking into the hotel.  It was Saturday - about 9pm by the time we were ready to "paint" the town... or basically just get a bite to eat and go to bed.  ; )

We drove around Enterprise for a while... knowing that it was bad when the number one restaurant listed on Urban Spo@n for the area was an ice cream parlor.  Yikes!  Anyway, we had decided - based on the time - that we would go somewhere, sit at the bar and have a drink and some snacks.

We passed one place that looked pretty nice on the outside... lots of cars... well lit... and when I go@gled it, it had half decent reviews.  So... in we went.  Now, I HATE walking into a place that I have never been.  Just not comfortable with that.  You would think I would be fine, as many times as I have moved and with my age experience.  But nope... I detest walking into a place - especially when everyone turns to look at who is walking in.  Needless to say, everyone that turned to look at Joe and I as we strolled into this establishment had a median age of about 21.2 years and they all appeared to have been there since happy hour.  The smoke was such that I quickly wondered why the firemen were not knocking us down as we were walking in - wow.... I forgot all about this "scene".

We did saunter up to the nearest chair at the bar; however, after what was the longest 18 seconds of my life, I told Joe that I just could not do it.  It hurt my ears... my lungs were shriveling so quickly,  I could feel them begging for clean air.  Now... walking in was painful... walking out a few seconds later was easy!  Joe and I laughed all the way to the car.  It was the first time that my age truly smacked me in the face.... and in a good way.

We opted for pizza and turning in early.

I write all of that as a lead in to last night.

Joe and I had purchased tickets months ago for Jerry S@infeld.  We bought them the morning they went on sale... I am picky and like to sit on the isle.  Anyway, I am glad we bought them early as the show sold out pretty quickly.

So for the second weekend in a row, we had a big date night planned.  ; )

We had a great dinner - we even caught the early bird specials at a really nice Italian place up the road.  Then we headed to the Theater for the show.... This time we fit right in... the average age of the folks in the audience was more our speed... about mid 50's!  And how thankful am I for smoke-free venues???VERY!!!  How life changes in a few short years....@ 20 to be exact!

Tom P@pa opened for Seinfeld and did a great job warming up the crowd.  His entire segment was on marriage and children... which obviously hit home with his audience.  He was so funny.

Then came Jerry.  Ninety minutes of hilarity followed.  And what is so great about him - and Tom as well - is that the show was pretty much G rated and still side-splitting-ly funny!

Bottom line - It was a great evening!  (and I am getting old!  Jerry turns 58 soon ....)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dream Team

Even though it is Saturday morning, the girls were up and dressed early this morning as they had a basketball game.  Mom wasn't so "up and at 'em" - I sent them off with dad and a big hug and good wishes for a great game.

About an hour later I heard them giggling at the back door.  I opened it and could tell by their smiles that we had "won" the game.  The Dream Team is a tiny team and it is not often that we have a victory to celebrate after our games... we often suffer defeat.

Seeing the girls smiles, I offered my girls a hearty congratulations before they had spoke a word.  "No mom, we lost - 24 to 4", Abby quickly replied, the grin never leaving her face.  To which I replied, "Why so happy"?  Both of the girls in unison excitedly answered me, "Jewel made a basket"!

Jewel has not made a basket all season.  She is our tallest player, but hard as she tried, the basket had remained elusive.  Joe has been working very hard with her at practice and during warm up time before each game reminding her to bend her knees and keep positive.

Today all the hard work on Jewel's part paid off and she added 2 points to the Dream Team final score!
I am told that the crowd went crazy!

The Dream Team might be small and might not win too many games... but they understand what is truly important when playing sports - the meaning of the word Team!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

If Only...

In Abby's eyes, we are superheroes.  If only...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Number 14 - Roll Tide!!!

I thought I understood the mentality of fans - I did grow up in the land of "Gueaux Tigers" and "Who Dat".  But... I seriously did not "get it" until I moved to Alabama.  "Roll Tide" (and "War Eagle" to be completely honest) are spoken as often as "Hello" in this great state.

Joey was recently stocking the shelves at our local grocery when he looked up and greeted a customer (decked out in crimson and white) with a hearty "Roll Tide" - at which time the customer made a point to report his "good service" to management and he earned a free sandwich!  ; )

Bottom Line... Roll Tide Roll... or for the next 364 days, Rule Tide Rule!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sad Day...

Two of my "Babies" will be on the road, returning to college today.  Sad sad sad for me....  excitement for them!  How many days until next Christmas Break???  ; ]

Monday, January 2, 2012

Awwwww ; )

I wonder...

.... What the New Year will bring our way?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."

I absolutely loved this Christmas!  Surrounded by family... the moments are even more cherished once they start going their own ways.

What made me most thankful and full of joy....

Usually, I will talk to the kids about what they want to "get" for each other and then I go from there ~ wrap and place all the gifts under the tree.  This year... everyone insisted on doing their own gifting for everyone.  Even the littles personally picked out each gift, wrapped them with care, and placed them under the tree after skillfully studying available locations. It was such a joy to watch how excited they each were to share with each other!  "Getting" is always fun... but it is truly a blessing to "give"!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!