Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Grand Day

Holly and I were awake with the chickens this morning.  We were on the road shortly there after, with the "workin' folk" ~ headed to Nashville.  
What a day we had!  It started at Vanderbilt with an orientation and tour.  What a beautiful campus.  I want to go back to school!!!   Holly loved some things and was none too happy about others... mostly the fact that she would have to leave her new car at home for her freshman year... no cars allowed for the new kids on the block!  Most important is the fact that the  school of Education is the best in the US... and sooooooooo close to mom!!!  I hope it remains at the top of her list!
We finished up on campus a little before 2pm and headed for the theater.  We caught the last matinee showing of "Imagine That", the new Eddie Murphy movie.  Oh my goodness... LOVED the movie!  Very predictable and fun... with such a great ending... happy tears... lots of happy tears!  
Next it was on to an early dinner at Tony Roma's!  Holly celebrated every - and I mean EVERY- birthday while we were in Jakarta at Tony Roma's - her FAVORITE!  We were so thrilled to find one today.  We enjoyed a little barbecue and then hit the road for the Barnes and Noble.  
Holly, who follows all of her favorite authors' blogs, had discovered that an author that she likes was having a singing tonight.  How cool it was to listen to Ally Carter talk about her road to becoming an author and her inspirations.  She even spilled a few secrets about her yet to be published story.  Holly has 4 of her books... including an Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) given to her by a great teacher!  Ally was happy to sign them all and just as happy to answer a few questions and pose for a quick picture.  
It was time to head home.  We wanted to end the night at the Country Music Awards, but when we started looking for tickets a few weeks ago, they were all sold out.  So sad.... so instead, we grabbed (and paid : ) for) a new Brad Paisley CD and hit the highway, singing at the top of our lungs and sipping on a Sonic Route 44!  We will be front and center at the CMT's next year!   
It was pretty late when we pulled into the garage; however, we were still greeted by 2 tiny yet loud and gleeful voices thrilled that we were home. ... and even better, Joey is such a great babysitter - the play room is amazingly clean!  WOW! 
It has been a grand day!  


GGAdventures said...

Sounds like a great day with your daughter! No cars for freshmen? Wow! I guess that's good, tho.
Hope you're enjoying summer.

Amy in Arizona said...

What a FUN day!! What a beautiful campus. That is so neat that freshman can't have cars. I'm sure it cuts down on the traffic and parking problems too!