Friday, January 8, 2010

A Few Pictures to Catch Up...

Some pics from the last month that I finally downloaded to the computer...

Abby turns 6... her choice of cake... a big huge decorated blueberry muffin!

Abby and Lilli sprinkling reindeer food so Rudolf and his friends would not miss our house!

A trip to the Chattanooga Aquarium to check out the Penguins.

Abby and Lilli all dressed up for Christmas.

Christmas Program pics for Abby and Lilli. Notice silly Lilli making faces at her daddy!

And last but not least... snow... and more snow! The kids went back to school on Tuesday only to have school cancelled on Thursday and Friday for snow. This is quite unusual in the SOUTH!

Abby does not like to be cold at all... but Lilli would stay out all day! This is her "little" snowman!

Poor Jordan... stuck inside because of the weather. Holly is taking her for a nice walk to investigate the snow.

As always... Joey and Daniel were being "camera shy"... I promise I DO have FIVE children! : )


Ellie said...

I love the photos - it looks like so much fun! I love your new blog header! Did you do it yourself?? It is perfect!

Miss you!

The Little Family said...

I love Abby's CAKE!! A girl after my own heart.:)

Amy in Arizona said...

I love the muffin cake. Very clever of her!! And Lili's snowman was adorable! Hope it has stopped snowing there!! :)