Friday, May 21, 2010

Next Stop... First Grade!

Abby's teacher - Ms. Gina - is an amazing lady! She has been telling the kids that they are her little butterflies and it was time for her to set them free ... so at the end of the graduation ceremony this morning, the family members followed the new graduates and Ms. Gina to the courtyard where they released 8 monarch butterflies that they had "raised" from caterpillars.

After all our hugs and goodbyes, we headed for lunch - Abby's choice - Mexican! Yummy! Then we headed straight to T@rget in order for Abby to rid herself of her new found riches (graduation money... to quote Abby with her $30, "I feel so RICH!" ). Her choice of goodies.... a Toy St@ry blanket and Leg@ set. Such great goodies!

2 down and 1 to go.... Joey graduates on Tuesday!


DawnS said...

Oh gosh I had better not let Rylee see this. She had her graduation yesterday, but they were wearing hula skirts - if she sees these "fancy" pictures she will be envious!!

Congratulations to Abby :)

Ellie said...

Wow, you have every stage goin' on here!!!!!! Love the Kindergarten graduation photos!! Does Lilli start Kindergarten next year? Will she go to the same school as Abby? Sorry I am sorta confused.

Did I mention I miss you?! How far is it from Huntsville to Greenville? Are we the "ville" sisters now?

Do you have any advice on buying a house????? also, why are you not on facebook? sign up girl, it is so easy to stay in touch!!!