Saturday, August 14, 2010

Packed and Ready ....

Today is the day.

The day that Joey has excitedly waited for and the day that I hoped would always be just a few more weeks away.

Why is it when I picture Joey driving away - headed to University - I picture this?

I know he is ready. I have 100% trust in my son. He is an amazing young man. The thing is..
I am just going to miss him.


Hi said...

Lot's of hugs...I can only imagine-my oldest is just starting high school, I am so excited for her-but also I know that in four very short years you will be reading a post from me about her exciting departure too. All I can say is WAHHHHHHHHHHH

Ellie said...


That photo made me cry - I can't imagine how torn up you must feel! Joey is a great kid and I'm sure he will do you proud!

Sending hugs :)

The Little Family said...

aaaawwwwww... What a precious picture!! And a big hug to you and your precious mama heart!!