Friday, December 17, 2010

Unexpected "Birthday Present"

Abby has become a very good reader. She is happy to just grab a book now and simply read.

While reading, Joe and I noticed that Abby was unknowingly tilting her head in different directions as she read. We decided a trip to the eye doctor was in order.

The week before her birthday, we did just that... visited the eye doctor for a check up. And yes... Abby was having vision problems.

So... an unexpected "birthday present" for her 7th birthday was a shiny new pair of nike spectacles. She picked them out... and I have to say they are way cool - purple blue... and super bendy... and hopefully unbreakable!

But bottom line.... Abby can see clear now... YEAH! ... and she now thinks she looks super smart!... just like Holly! : )

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