Tuesday, March 8, 2011

GEAUX Teal Tigers!!!

We call her "Bird Dog" now! In her own words, "I go after the basketball like Jordan (our dog) goes after a bunny in the back yard". YEP... she is right! Amazing little defensive player!
... and on the offensive side of things, we have Ms. Abby... following in Daniel's footsteps (and wearing the same ; ) shoes too) .... the point guard... the ball handler! She asked me today how high the college hoops are and how big the college court is. I told her... and her reply, "I'm ready Mom!" .... she even scored a buzzer beater shot for the game win last week.... YAY!!! Abby girl!!!

"Bird Dog" is a pretty good back up point guard also!

It was a great final game for this season of Judge Family Basketball!


DawnS said...

Oh those little basketball players are so cute to watch! Hanna has switched from bball to cheering for bball. But we still got to go to the games and had a blast! Ready for things to slow down a bit, but kind of sad to have the season end! We are on spring break next week already. I wonder why your spring break is so much later??? We are heading to Destin for a few days at the end of the week. I have to check the calendar but think we will be heading up that way for a horse show in the near future.

Ellie said...

How fun to have them both on the same team!

Bird Dog?! how funny! She looks sweet and amazing that little China Girl is a ball player! created for your family for sure :)

Abby already planning college basketball career?! - I'm looking forward your little ball handler's career!

Sorry I missed these posts - yikes where have I been?

Love ya!

xo ellie