Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Long Time No Blog

I don't know if I have been too busy or too lazy or just enjoying summer too much to blog.   I will claim that it is the later of the three.  : )  Here are a few more pics of our summer adventures thus far... 

This is always the BEST part of summer!  

We might be "rednecks" if we eat chicken-n-dumplins' by the pool... I actually think there is no "might" about this one!  : )

The littles have really excelled in the swimming department this summer and are learning to dive as well! 

Seriously, I wonder where her love of all things galactic came from.... 

We have caught our share (and eaten too!) of fish!  

We have met up with friends...  and had our picture taken so many times that the above pose has become an instant reflex when the camera is held in front of us.  

We have thoroughly enjoyed our friends company!  

... and ice cream too!  

I will also admit to the "too busy".... I have spent so much time lately (and happily so) getting Joey ready  for his first apartment and Holly ready to move into her dorm room.  And ....  the whole shuffling and redecorating of bedrooms here at home.  I am happy to report that as of last night, Abby's new grey/purple/St@r W@rs room is now complete!  Now to get Holly's old room cleaned out and redone for Daniel ... he is now patiently residing in the sunroom.  : )  Then it is on to Joey's room which will need a bit of a redo as most of the furniture is following Joey to his apartment.

As for the "too lazy" option... I have spent more than a few days just relaxing at home!  With a "still" new puppy and some pretty hot weather - sticking pretty close to the air-conditioned house is a pretty good option these days!  : )

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Ellie said...

ahhh - cute photos!!! I guess I need to do a post about our trip - just feel overwhelmed with the 361 photos (not kidding!)

I can't wait to see Abby's room (then Daniel's and how 'bout Lilli's?

xo ellie