Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hand - Me - Downs

When the girls went out to catch the bus this morning, it was cool and raining.  It was the perfect opportunity to break out the raincoats.  They were pretty excited... as their raincoats are not just any old raincoats... they are hand-me-downs!

Many  years ago, I placed an order for 3 little raincoats from L@nds End. Daniel was starting kindergarten, Holly was getting ready for second grade, and Joey all set for third grade.  We were living in Jakarta at the time and they were the perfect little coats for the very wet tropical weather.  Daniel had the pleasure of wearing all 3 of the jackets as he grew...  Abby and Lilli will do the same.
They have all grown out of Daniel's little red one... but Holly's blue one and Joey's orange one are just perfect!

The funny thing is that even though it was many years ago... I would swear that it was yesterday.  I blinked and my littles above grew into my bigs.  I guess when Abby and Lilli outgrow the cute little coats, I will tuck them away for my grandchildren to wear one day.... better not blink or that will be tomorrow!


Ellie said...

I love that you have these for the girls! And the photos of the "bigs" wearing them must make it even more special!

Missing you!!

xo ellie

Zlatana said...

Those are the kids I still have in my memories! Borobodur makes it even more memorable. :-)))