Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dream Team

Even though it is Saturday morning, the girls were up and dressed early this morning as they had a basketball game.  Mom wasn't so "up and at 'em" - I sent them off with dad and a big hug and good wishes for a great game.

About an hour later I heard them giggling at the back door.  I opened it and could tell by their smiles that we had "won" the game.  The Dream Team is a tiny team and it is not often that we have a victory to celebrate after our games... we often suffer defeat.

Seeing the girls smiles, I offered my girls a hearty congratulations before they had spoke a word.  "No mom, we lost - 24 to 4", Abby quickly replied, the grin never leaving her face.  To which I replied, "Why so happy"?  Both of the girls in unison excitedly answered me, "Jewel made a basket"!

Jewel has not made a basket all season.  She is our tallest player, but hard as she tried, the basket had remained elusive.  Joe has been working very hard with her at practice and during warm up time before each game reminding her to bend her knees and keep positive.

Today all the hard work on Jewel's part paid off and she added 2 points to the Dream Team final score!
I am told that the crowd went crazy!

The Dream Team might be small and might not win too many games... but they understand what is truly important when playing sports - the meaning of the word Team!

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