Sunday, May 12, 2013

For Abby and Lilli...

I did not realize.

Abby and Lilli check the blog regularly for updates.  Sadly, since joining facebook, I have not posted to the blog - and that was in February, 2012.

Well, that needs to change as I have an audience of 2... and that is enough reason to sit behind a key board on occasion and type a few lines about recent Judge Family outings.

That also means breaking out the "big" camera again.  Laziness has set in - it is simply way too convenient to pull out the smart phone and snap away.

So... a quick update:

As I type, Holly is probably stretching in her bed... in Xiamen China, where she is doing her second summer studying abroad.  Last summer, she took classes in New Zealand, and did this:

Joey, now a senior at University of Alabama, has been selected for a co-op position with a company that supplies axels for Mercedes Benz.  Joe and I are very proud of the man that Joey has become.  He completed a year with Best Buy last month, took a trip to Disney with his best friend from Australia, and worked hard in school to maintain his Honors standing and Dean's List.  

Daniel - who will be a senior in high school in about 2 weeks - still loves all sports!  He lettered in Varsity Tennis this year, played basketball, won both a state and national journalism award, and fished whenever possible.

Abby and Lilli are now 8 and 9 - 2nd and 3rd grade.  They are the most active of the bunch - playing basketball, golf,  and soccer.  Abby now plays with a travel basketball team - so that keeps us all busy!
They are both great students!  Abby still loves Star Wars and has now added Indiana Jones and Minecraft to her favorites list.  Lilli remains the girly girl and has started watching one of Holly's favorite shows from our Australian years - H2O: Just Add Water.  Not bad footsteps to follow in!

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Well, that is about a year and a half in a nutshell.  ; )  Enjoy Abby and Lilli...  I promise I will post a few times each month just for you guys!  If I forget... you can remind me!  ; )

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Ellie said...

Oh No! you are making me think I need to update my blog . . . . oh maybe not :) loved hearing about all your kiddos - and Elijah loves minecraft - and Tia loves H2O!!!

xo ellie