Sunday, October 21, 2007

I meet myself coming and going...

It has been a while since I posted... but as my mother likes to say... "I meet myself coming and going..."!!! This has been so true for the last few weeks! The kids were on school holidays which would make one think that like would be a little less "busy"... but not at the Judge house!

Everyone is back in school now and we are working on getting the "new" schedule down... basketball practice before and after school, softball practice, work, along with the normal things that one must do in order to survive... i.e. grocery shopping! :)

A highlight of the last few weeks was a visit from our friends from Indonesia~ Aristotle, Henny, and their daughter Hillary! They are doing a "tour" of Australia and added a stop in Canberra to see Holly on stage. Hillary is a big fan of High School Musical... just like every other child in the world!!! Hillary spent the night with us and was treated to some yummy "Holly Pancakes" for breakfast! Then Joe and I and Abby drove her back to Sydney to meet her parents. We had a great afternoon in Sydney and then returned home. Joe later met up with our friends again in Brisbane and will see them once more in Adelaide this week. It was great to see them again... makes us homesick for all of our wonderful friends in Indonesia!!!

A final note... Ladybugs are considered very lucky in the "Chinese Adoption Circle"! The belief is that a sighting of one of these beautiful little creatures is always followed by good news! I always get emails from exciting mommies-to-be about seeing a ladybug in their gardens or in the park and getting much anticipated news shortly there after! Pictures of newly adopted little girls from China in their beautiful little ladybug dresses adorn most family websites! I too have bought my share of ladybug items for Lilli. These include a cute little red ladybug sippy cup that has been sent to China, cute denim capris with ladybugs embroidered on the side, ladybug bathing suit, and a cute ladybug hair bow. I thought the little cartoon ladybugs would be the only ones that I would ever see... as I have only seen maybe 6 ladybugs my whole entire life! But on Saturday, as Holly and I were leaving her softball game, we spotted a cute little ladybug perched on the wooded barrier that marked our parking spot! Holly thought I was a bit strange as I got so excited by this marvelous "find"... I did not have our camera, but was able to snap a photo with my mobile phone! I hope I receive good news this week... :)

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