Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Of Personal Care Products....

On a shelf in my bathroom are an array of different perfume bottles lined up in a row. The odd shapes and colors multiplied as they sit in front of the mirror. Most are gifts from Joe ~ picked up at this or that duty free shop from airports around the world. The names are all fancy... I can't even pronounce of couple of them! They all smell nice ~ especially my favorite by Ralph Lauren!
Now I do believe I have written about the differences between the US and Australia ~ more than anyone would ever imagine! But the one that shocked me the most was the difference between our personal care products. Many things are just NOT the same! To enjoy my normal products, I have become a regular on But it takes weeks to get things delivered down under and sometimes I am just not fast enough.
A few weeks ago, I ran out of my ever so coveted Secret solid antiperspirant/deodorant. "No Worries" I thought to myself, I would run to Kmart or Target and pick one up if my supply was not replenished by the post man! :) That proved to be a little more difficult that I imagined! There is no Secret.... basically, there is no solid... and there is no antiperspirant for ladies! At least not that I could find! Tons of deodorant... in beautiful bottles ~ swirling around in liquid form. There are also tons of sprays... in cool little modern cans with beautiful logos.
As rubbing liquid anything under my arms seems to me to be defeating the intended purpose to begin with, I opted for the hot pink spray bottle with the cool logo and interesting "lid"... I am a marketers dream!!! I was surprised when I used my new personal care product for the first time that it had such a great scent! It definitely was not antiperspirant... but it smelled lovely.... so I just used tons! :)
Fast forward and my Secret arrived from the US in an abundant manner ~ I will never again run out!!! I decided that I would still use my new spray with the unscented Secret ~ makes for a great combination! It smells nice and it stays dry!
So this week, I get dressed for work on Tuesday. As I am leaving Joe told me that I looked really nice! He made my day! Then he added "And you smell nice, your perfume is so nice... not like all the rest of the ladies that wear too much and it is too strong... which one is it Rebel? " I chuckled before I told him that it was not the expensive bottles that decorated the bathroom shelf, but my $3.48 deodorant from the local grocery that is called "Hoity Toity"..... I guess I will be stocking up before I move on to the new location.... does carry Hoity Tooty.... I wonder????

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