Thursday, July 30, 2009


Holly and I learned that there are approximately 11,000 yellow cabs in New York City. We also learned that when it rains, approximately 11,000 people quickly hail those yellow cabs - leaving Holly and I to stand in the rain under the Washington Square Arch near NYU.

Yep... Holly and I hopped on a plane last week headed to New York. The main reason being an information session and tour of New York University - but believe me, we had lots of side reasons also!

Holly had completed a project in English Class this past year where she had to plan every detail of a trip to NYC. She had to research every detail - from sightseeing to food and many more. We put her research to the test over our long weekend.

Our hotel did not blow us away... but the location did! We were a block off of Broadway, across the street from the Carnegie Deli, and had a magnificent view of Time Square from our window. I won't mention the two twin beds and the room that was barely able to accommodate them!

We saw everything - with the exception of the back of our eyelids! In other words... we did not sleep very much - opting to squeeze every minute of city life that we could into our trip!
We strolled down 5th Avenue (with a few million other folks) to Central Park, stopping at FAO Schwartz, The Disney Store, and The NBA Store. I so wanted to visit Tiffany's... but knew I should NOT! We were able to see two Broadways Hits - Mama Mia and Wicked. They were both amazing... but I think Wicked is now my all time favorite Broadway production. It was beyond great!

We ate Smores at Cozi's that were so yummy that we had to go back for more. We enjoyed famous New York City Pizza by the slice at Famiglia and we also took in Bagel's at Carnegie Deli and Lunch at Hard Rock in Times Square. Coffee and muffins at Dean and Deluca was also on the menu! We did not go hungry!

We took an elevator ride to the top of Rockefeller Center to view the skyline of the city. Keep in mind that I am petrified of heights... even with the glass barriers... I was shaking until I was on the ground again. We took in a taping of the Today Show in which we were invited to stand next to the stage and dance along with the guests of the show. We were on TV!

We both have a sunburn to prove that we spent nearly 3 hours on top of a double decker bus seeing all the sights - including the World Trade Center Site. We saw where Betty Davis lived, where Project Runway is filmed, Madison Square Garden, etc. etc. etc.

Our cruise around Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty was cancelled because of horrid weather - but we will look at this as a reason to return very soon!

We spent one afternoon and evening with my cousin Wallace, who has been a NYC dweller for 15 years now. He is an amazingly multi-talented artist, with books and art and music credits to his name. More importantly, he is the funniest guy I know. I was so happy to see a bit of his very unconventional world.

Finally NYU. The reason for the trip. I must admit that I was hoping the tour would cause Holly to rush home and scratch the university off her list - the top of her list! But alas, every good plan made by parents backfires doesn't it??? Holly LOVED the university! I also must admit that I have a better opinion of it now also; however, going to school in such an urban setting at a College that is all but conventional, is a huge decision. I am hoping that Holly might stay close to home for her undergraduate degree and then tackle the big city and NYU for her post graduate studies... I can hope can't I???

Now we are heading into the kids' final week of summer break. Daniel returns today after a month with my brother, his wife, and my parents. Holly and Joey both have picked up their schedules and parking permits (much more important to them) for school and I received the girls Open House paperwork for school. Basketball will start next month right along with school and we will be back to normal - all 7 of us!


ellie said...

Super FUN! I hope Isabella does that project in school, that sounds like the perfect excursion to do with your daughter (and maybe a friend and her daughter:)

xo ellie

GGAdventures said...

Wow, what a trip! I'm so jealous! Looks like you hit all the great spots and had a fantastic time.