Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Last Few Weeks

So Joe came home and we have been busy doing things around the house and getting the kids ready for school. We bought a new car - a few days later we were hit from behind and the new car has now been in the shop longer that we had possession of it before the wreck. Included in the wreck was an all expenses paid trip to the ER for me - hurt my neck. I am still sore, but will survive. Can't really be mad because the guy that hit us was so nice - I feel bad for him! Oh well - the car will be good and broke in when we get it back!

Had to replace the girls car seats after the accident - Lilli's head hit her headrest so hard that it snapped the styrofoam core in half. YIKES. Amazingly, we were blessed and neither of the girls were hurt at all. Did you guys know that you have to replace car seats after an accident? Even if they don't appear damaged? I know this now. I thought that only Lilli's would have to be replaced but was told by the paramedic, the police, and the insurance rep that no matter what all have to be replaced. What a fun trip that was - to the store to replace the seats. Lilli wanted the bright pink or purple (Princess colors) one and Abby wanted the black and blue (Batman colors) seat - we settled on boring (yet safe) beige!

Joe and Daniel made their way to Atlanta for a Braves game. They sat directly behind the "V" of the dugout. Daniel was on cloud nine! And... the Braves won - so it was that much better! Daniel was able to get his baseball signed by the pitcher - and he took some great photos! He would give anything to live in Atlanta and have season tickets to the Braves and Hawks! He is very loyal to the city of his birth! : )

More exciting is that school is back in full swing. The older kids have all "tweaked" their schedules and are as happy as teenagers can be. I will say this much about their classes - Holly made an offer to me the other night - If I could complete one of her math problems (showing all my work) she would only apply to the one college of my choice. Obviously, she knew this was a safe bet! I was CLUELESS! And... sadly, math was my strong point in high school and university - where did it all go?????

Abby and Lilli are also settled back into their school routine now. They have continued at the same small private school that they attended last year; however, they are both going 5 days a week. I figured since Abby was in kindergarten with a 5 day a week schedule, I did not want to explain the "fairness" of a 3 day preschool schedule to Miss Lilli who is a Supreme Court Judge when it comes to "fairness". So they both hop in the car at 8:45 ~ M-F ~ with their backpacks and homework and water bottles and off we go. We are home around 1:30 at which time they grab a quick snack and huge glass of milk and hit the bed for a little nap!

As for today, Dad and 4 of the kids will be working in the yard and painting the master bathroom. Holly and I are off to a Jonas Brothers concert - Oh The Joy - hehehe! Holly loves her some Jonas Brothers - -- Me - not so much! But Jordin Sparks opens the concert and I actually like her music. All is not lost.

Pics to follow soon.


marcy said...

Sorry to hear about your accident! I'm glad everyone was (mostly) okay. It was good to read about what your family has been up to. Sounds like the school year is getting off to a (mostly) good start!

ellie said...

how did I miss this post?? I'm so sorry about your accident - I hope your back is better - so glad the girls are okay :) bummer about your new car . . .

Sounds like you are busy but having fun - I bet it is nice to have everyone on a good schedule but the house is probably kind of quiet (and clean!)

miss you!

Amy in Arizona said...

I'm glad everyone is okay and that Joe is home! Isn't it great to have the kids back in school?? Only half of my kids go to school, but at least a get a couple of hours of peace during naptime!!