Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yes... It is From 2007... But If You Have Not Seen It... DO!

I have already blogged about my love of Netfli*x ... what a wonderful concept! I love the ease of making a list and having movies just show up in my mailbox! And... NO LATE FEES... that is the BEST!

Anyway, I received a movie yesterday that has been on my list for quite a while. It has always been shuffled down by the kids "arranging" my list or requesting a movie be moved to the number 1 position; however, yesterday "The Martian Child" was finally the movie that arrived!

Joe saw what it was and immediately told me that I would LOVE this movie. He had watched it on board an airplane 37 thousand feet above some ocean some time ago. He was CORRECT!

Even better - this feel great movie - is based on a true story! You don't even have to watch it after the kids are asleep or ask them to leave the room... Seriously, if you have not watched this movie yet... get yourself a copy and enjoy!

Any great movies you love... I could have missed them ... so leave me a comment with your must sees!


Desiree' said...

We love Secret life of Bees, didnt think we would but cute..

Ken B said...

Hello Judge family

Don't forget to send your email address.

Best wishes

Ken, Julie, Jack and Alice