Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sounding Things Out

We are all about 2 things in our house these days... University and Phonics. University as Joey and Holly are making some very important decisions about their futures and Phonics as Abby is learning to read... and Lilli is learning her letters.

Abby's kindergarten uses a phonics based program - YEAH! She sounds out everything and reads letters constantly... she is doing fabulous. Tonight at dinner, she was sounding out "lemonade". Yesterday, she told me she had a new "H" word.... I was expecting "H"ot or "H"at or "H"am or something simple... nope... her new "H" word was "H" olligram. WOW!

Well, Ms. Lilli is never one to like her moments out of the spotlight... so while Abby was busy sounding out lemonade, Lilli confidently told us all that she had a "G" word. With a huge smile she proceeded to share that word... Jesus... "Isn't that good mom ~ "G" and then sus... G-sus" HUGE SMILE. That is good sounding things out! I don't have the heart to correct her!

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ellie said...

I love that G word :) How did I miss this post?!

Miss you!