Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Discovered the Fountain of Youth Last Night

... at a Bruce Springsteen concert! Seriously, he is 60 years old but his voice and energy are NOT!

I have been to many concerts - and raved about most. Joe has always judged all by a single standard... Bruce. I now understand why. The show was 3 hours of the most amazing music and energy! The crowd - and I can say that I was on the younger side of the average age- never sat down. The folks around me - including the 84 year old lady directly behind me - enthusiastically sang along with every tune.

My favorite two numbers were Hungry Heart and Thunder Road (I likes Santa Claus is Coming to Town also) ... but really it was the music that had me. From Clarence Clemons on Sax to Max Weinberg on Drums to the piano and of course Bruce on an array of guitars... it blew me away!

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Ellie said...

I could use me some fountain of youth :)