Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Misunderstanding.... Or Not??? : )

I picked the girls up from school today, and this is how the conversation went....

Lilli : as she is strapping into her seat belt.... "You know mommy, you can't "shrink" and drive"

Me: (Knowing that I am always one step ahead of my children) " You are right Lilli, you can't "drink" and drive. That is against the rules. That is why Daddy drives if I have a sip of wine or a sip of margarita when we go out to a restaurant". .... and I am thinking to myself - Wow, the school starts early teaching this very important rule.

Lilli: " I know that mommy, but I mean you can't "shrink" and drive because your legs will be too short to touch the pedals".

Abby: "Yep mom, Lilli is right... if you shrank, you would be too short to drive."

Me: "Oh"... realizing that my kids are indeed ALWAYS one step ahead of me... and full of completely random thoughts!

1 comment:

Ellie said...

hmmmmmm well I am hoping you don't shrink and try to drive :) we got a good laugh out of this one!