Tuesday, February 23, 2010

GO Blueberries!

As the older kids are finishing up their seasons... Holly's team winning the championship and Holly being the high scorer in that game... Joey making the all-star team... Daniel playing as great as always - Abby's season has finally started.

The Little Blueberries had their first game last night. It was indeed very exciting. Unfortunately, the Blueberries lost - 12 to 8. But... Abby had a great game scoring all 8 Blueberry points! YEP... she has been paying attention since she attended her first basketball game at the age of 3 months!

Winning - Loosing... no big deal to Ms. Abby... she is on cloud 9!


Ellie said...

Wow Abby! That is awesome!!!!! Go Blueberries :)

Tonya Lindsey said...

Rebel Judge!!!! I am so glad to hear from ya girl! Who Dat?!?!?! The Saints are MY favorite team. I LOVE Shockey. Meredith got me a Shockey jersey!! Is is so much fun to have kids that are winners! Like first string everything. Since we live for them and through them, their wins are our victories!! And, you must get a horse. I am expecting 3. Well, my brood mares are actually. I can ship ya one, for the right price that is! lol

The Little Family said...

I LOVE her art work!!


Amy in Arizona said...

Yay Abby!! And the Little Blueberries?? What an adorable name for a basketball team. Love it!!