Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Lombardi" Gras

What do you get when you combine a New Orleans' Tradition and a Superbowl win??? I would call it "Lombardi" Gras! I do believe that this will be a week to remember in my hometown!

My mom has waited for this moment for many many years! She has never wavered in her support for her beloved Saints!

Abby and Lilli had fun building (but mostly knocking down) with Bailey's blocks at Nanny and Papa's house.
Our busy long weekend also included celebrating Nanny's birthday... a few days early! How many candles... hmmmmmmmm... 29!

Papa made it to the bakery several times for donut holes... Abby's FAVORITE!... and a few King Cakes for me to share a little further north!

My mom is truly an AMAZING southern cook! How she can cook around all those chickens in her kitchen I will never know!!! The girls and I ordered Stewed Chicken with Dirty Rice and Potato Salad (We DID NOT order the peas????).... Gravy really has to be the best thing in the world!
Lilli and Papa
I grew up a few blocks from the water... not so good for hurricane survival... but pretty darn good for a bit of southern architectural inspiration! The homes below are some of my favorites.

The one above had the new "Louisiana Version" of the American Flag!

My Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Gus had their wedding reception at the one above... I was the flower girl!

Lilli decided to use fallen Spanish moss as a pom pom. She has made a very early decision regarding Halloween 2010 - she would like to dress up as a Saints' cheerleader! We met Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Gus on the way out of town for lunch... they replaced the Spanish moss with some real black and gold pom-poms... oh the joy!

The lakefront in Mandeville is truly a beautiful place to relax... with the magnificent old oak trees, abundant benches, warm winter afternoons, and the sound of the water.

You aren't really done until you have your picture on this old tree limb... probably the most photographed spot in all of Mandeville.

I wonder how old this fence is??? Very fitting place for pictures after the Saints WON the Superbowl!!!

And of course, we enjoyed a little Mardi Gras. "Throw Me Something Mister"... the most famous lines in Louisiana come February!

The King and Queen of the parade.
Abby wanted one of each!!!
Lilli needed a little break... and a little sugar I guess!

The girls and I had a wonderful long weekend... I can't imagine being anywhere else for the big victory! We opened the back door after the big interception and touch down by Tracy Porter... the city went crazy! There were fireworks going off everywhere, horns honking, and people screaming... and this was the suburbs! I have never seen so much black and gold everywhere over the course of a few days. Funny... Abby had to wear her Saints shirt 3 days in a row! We went out for beignets and she refused to eat all of hers because she did not want to get the powdered sugar on her shirt! No problem.... I ate them ALL!!!

The one thing we missed while we were gone... more Snow at home! Joey, Holly, and Daniel all called while we were driving home to tell us about the heavy snowfall! Fortunately (for driving reasons) it was all gone when we pulled in the driveway! But alas, we again have snow in the forecast for Friday... and people... I live in the South... SNOW again???? Can someone please explain global warming to me???? : )


Ellie said...

It sounds like you had so much fun! I'm so jealous of the beignets :)

Love the photos!

Amy in Arizona said...

All I can say is Yum, Yum, YUM!!! My mom is from Mississippi and I miss the southern cooking!! How amazing that you were there when they won the superbowl!!