Monday, June 21, 2010

5 Stars and 5 Tissue Alert!

At the Judge house, the most played with toys are not very new. They have been around for years in fact. They are a Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and Bulls-Eye. Abby has been faithful to this bunch for quite a while now. In 2008, she added Lilli's name to the bottom of Woody"s and Buzz's boots with hers.

These are the toys that, on occasion, I have to pull out from underneath the pillow once Abby falls asleep. So you can only imagine....

2 little girls have been going crazy since Friday because ..... T@y Story 3 was released and we were not in the 1st showing! What even made it worse... Joey went with his friends to see it late Friday night!
So... after a yummy Father's Day dinner, we headed to the theater. I was smart and purchased the tickets yesterday morning at 7am! The theater was packed. Amazingly, just as many adults and teens as little kids in the show.

As expected, the movie received rave reviews from the entire Judge family! Abby did think there were a few "scary" moments... but that is was scary and great.

As for me... who is getting ready to send my first born off to University... well, lets just say I needed a few tissues for this one. It was brilliant and touching and funny! Loved it!

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Ellie said...

You are so cute :)

It is so bittersweet when the kids get to the next stage isn't it?? You have several in that category this year and it must be challenging . . .

Miss you and can't wait till we can get together - not long now!!!