Thursday, June 10, 2010

With Great Joy, I SHOUT... Goodbye Pine Cones!!!

No more "pine cone picking up" in our backyard! Ha.... we just cut the last 5 pine trees down! YEAH!!! No more straw and cones to mess up my freshly coiffed lawn! And no worries during storms about falling trees!

Notice my 3 Japanese Cherry trees near the back fence line... I planted those last spring after the lightning exploded my wild cherry tree... sad day. Next spring... I am thinking that a Royal Empress, a few flowering Crabapples, and a pair of Teddy Bear Magnolias will be planted to replace the last 5 pines. Give me a couple years and the backyard will be glorious during the spring... dogwood, crape myrtle, cherry, crabapple, royal empress.... can't wait! : )

Jake is quickly settling back in his life as a "Judge".... loving all the attention that comes with a huge family!

The girls and I recently took a quick trip to Louisiana... my parents were watching my cousin's little girl while he and his wife were away for a few days. What fun we had! Ms. Bailey has to be the cutest little thing ever!

Other news... we are keeping busy with swimming for the "littles" until the end of June... then we are headed for Tennessee and North Carolina for a bit of vacation time.

Another bit of news.... Holly got a job! She earned so many great "opportunities" for educational travel this summer; however, she just wanted to "chill" with her friends and get a job. : ) I was thinking it might not happen as so many adults are filling the traditional teenage jobs... but she will start her new "career" this week. In her mind, she has already spent her first 3 paychecks! : ) I remember calculating my pay from my first job... I had allocated the first 3 months salary before I even started!

Joey is spending his summer at the gym and getting more and more excited about University. I have my "baby" for a very short 2 more months.

As for Daniel.... well, he is spending his second summer with my brother and his wife. Grandma and Grandpa are there also. He is the only child.... and I can imagine he is loving life as an only child right about now! Add - unlimited junk food and soda and no chores and no nagging mom.... and fishing and swimming and crabbing everyday... yep.... he is on cloud nine!

And to add "icing to his cake" ... he caught a 4.2 lb bass this week... yep... cloud nine!

Hey Daniel.... reality strikes in t-minus 3 weeks buddy! : ) See you then! hahahaha!

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Ellie said...

Hi Friend! Yeah about no pine cones! your choices of new trees sound gorgeous!

I bet you miss Daniel - he is having a blast I'm sure! Jonah is way jealous and plans to do the same with his uncle and cousin next summer (NOT!) Way to go Holly - how grown up they are getting Rebel! Good thing you have those two gorgeous littles for some company in the coming years.

We leave in the afternoon of the 28th - fly for 18 hours and 3 flights later, arrive on the 28th! Can't wait to do some road tripping to see YOU! love you!

xo ellie