Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Few Odd and End Photos....

Abby getting ready for "Character Day" at school. Her choice... Hermione! Oh how she wants to read the books now that she is a really good reader. We are taking this slow... together! She sure does make a cute member of Gryffindor!

Lilli - as always - with a smile! Even happier because she "inherited" some of Abby's Aussie work boots that are now a little snug for the "Abbster" ! Oh... Lilli has been waiting for these boots!

We spent much of yesterday in the tornado closet... helmets on and mattress ready to cover our heads... I dislike bad weather. But... knowing that we rid ourselves of all pine trees within reach of our home... made me feel so much better!

Daniel's new lock. Some bad boys at school watched over his shoulder and memorized his combination and stole his phone. He did get the phone back... the bad boys were suspended for a few days and return to school tomorrow. The principal is watching out for Daniel... and this new lock will be protecting his locker!

Holly ready for a school dance...

Holly never wears makeup... seriously... not even in her senior pictures did she want to put makeup on. (Have to love that she is so beautiful on the outside naturally and cool enough on the inside to get it! ) Well... she wanted "smokey" eyes for the dance... I tried to oblige! Lilli - who is already LOVING makeup... jumped in for a few sparkles of her own!
Anyone else want some smokey eyes... I don't charge much! : )


marcy said...

I was eating a Tim Tam today and thought of you. :)
Your kids are getting so grown up! Glad to see everyone's doing well.
Marcy (formerly in GU)

GGAdventures said...

I'd be pining over those boots too.

Ellie said...

Her eyes are beautifully smokey :) I hope the dance went well!

I've been out of commission lately as my internet has been down! It seems to be up and running now.

heading off to comment on the other posts I've missed!!!

Ellie said...

okay - those photos were on this post too! I LOVE the aussie workboots with the ruffled bottom leggings and dress! (can we inherit next??)

Abby makes an adorable Hermione :) I can't believe she is reading that well! smart girl!