Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not Your Average Garden...

All the odd and end big people in our house were busy today. A few playing golf, one at school, one lounging (Joey) on the couch (is that really busy... or getting over the busy of his week as a college student????).

Abby, Lilli, and I decided that we would enjoy a little beautiful weather before the "freezing" overtakes us soon.

We decided on an afternoon trip to the local garden. It is always a fun trip... Abby and Lilli love the wide open spaces and play places and my favorite part is the little deli operated by a few wonderful (cooks) volunteers. They make yummy pasta and chicken salad! So, maybe I go for the food... but really, I go for the photo opportunities! Such a beautiful place!

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Ellie said...

What a fun place! I'm a bit jealous . . . I can't believe how long Lilli's hair is - The girls are both beautiful.