Sunday, November 7, 2010

Will We Be a "House-Divided" Next Year....

Holly and I have spent a lot of time visiting colleges over the past year. We have been everywhere it seems. That being said... one of the reasons that Joe and I picked where we live to "retire" was the choice of two awesome public universities within a short drive - Alabama and Auburn. Joey - from day one - was all in for Alabama - Roll Tide! Holly - from day one - had (currently the list has narrowed to four - thank goodness!) a list of Universities a mile long!

Auburn has an amazing Engineering program and Joe and I are thrilled that Holly is considering Auburn as a choice for her future.

Yesterday, Holly was invited by the Auburn admissions office to attend Auburn's homecoming game. So, I loaded up Holly and her friend Jamie and we departed in the weeeeeee hours of the morning.

Auburn won and the girls has a blast! I think they actually enjoyed the long standing tradition of "rolling" Toomer's Corner after a football victory, the most ... followed by some fresh squeezed lemonade for the road trip home!

Did this trip help make up Holly's mind.... not fully... but I think it might have nudged her a notch closer to four years of wearing blue and orange!

There is still a chance that she will make a different decision... but I am now seriously looking at the cool fan stuff for those of us that live in a "House - Divided"! ... and wondering which team I will cheer for during the next four Iron Bowls????

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Ellie said...

Sounds like a good time was had - hoping Holly chooses a school that won't be too far from home!