Monday, January 10, 2011

Greetings From The "Deep" South....

Knee Deep in snow that is!!! It seems like our Christmas snow just melted... and now "POW".... what local meteorologists are calling the second biggest snow on record for our neck of the woods!

As for Joey... we miss him this morning; however, we woke him up so fast yesterday morning and sent him down the road so fast, his head was spinning ! We wanted him safe and sound back at the University before all this weather "hit"... and he made it just in the nick of time.

Please don't "judge" our winter : ) clothing... we are from Alabama... we (as in Daniel!) are not prepared!
Joe surprised me with a new lens for my camera for Christmas... and I am enjoying being able to get some great photos of my bird friends!

Jordan was loving the snow too!

Again... "Southern Sleds"... cardboard, plastic storage box top, and Abby's old Aussie car seat without the cover...

This was Holly and Daniel outside around midnight last night... just when all the fun started!

My snow angel... stuck in the snow!

These two are always so full of joy!

Below is one of the girls school ruler stuck in the snow in our driveway.... nearly 12 inches!

So much fun and sooooooo Beautiful!!! But...OK... now I am ready for summer!


DawnS said...

Awww lucky you! All we got was a few flakes last night and a whole bunch of ice today!!

Ellie said...

oh my goodness! You got HEAPS of snow. We got a lot too, but nowhere near 10 inches.

Great photos - I LOVE the first bird photo - how exciting to have a new lens!!! all these photos are wonderful!

Where have you been? I am missing you!!!!!

More Kids 4 Me said...

Love your snow pics!! We have snow too, but not as much as you!!