Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Holiday's Biggest Hit

Once the snow melts and Spring is in the air, I think the girls' new bikes will race to the number one position in the "favorite gifts category" for this holiday season. Until then, the biggest hit at our home is the map of "Abby's World".

A cool world map with a bit of personal whimsy added for fun, this gift will eventually make its way to a frame shop to be readied for the wall when Abby moves into her own room next fall... until then, it is simply fun to watch her and Lilli pour over the details while it is laid out on the kitchen table.

I am thinking a map of "Lilli Land" will definitely be our next foray into cartography!

If anyone is interested, the map came from Kidlandia... easily found with a quick google search!

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Ellie said...

Hi Rebel,

That looks amazing! Elijah's birthday is in 3 weeks and I am totally getting him one of these! His class is doing a personal world atlas project at the moment so it is all working together amazingly!!!

How is your weather? It is gorgeous here today!

xo ellioe