Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Scattered Ducklings

The weather was horrid on Monday.  It was pretty much a day to just stay put.

Joey and Holly were sitting around the dinner table for hours, sharing files on their M@c Pros (Holly just received hers in the mail) , talking about college, and laughing at inside jokes.  Daniel joined in on his hand-me-down M@c (thank you Holly!) - searching for the perfect used car.
Abby and Lilli were at the end of the table, entertained by their colors and coloring books.  I was happily cooking - taking it all in.

I LOVE days like that - with all my "ducklings in a row".

But alas, it is that time....

Summer is drawing to a close.  Joe and I moved Joey's things (things like 2 couches, a queen bedroom set, 4 bar stools....) into his first apartment last weekend.  He moves in for good this Friday,  following his his last shift at the grocery store.

Earlier this week, Daniel had orientation at the High School and tomorrow afternoon, Abby and Lilli and I will head to their school to meet new teachers and their bus driver.

And, on Sunday, Joe and I will follow Holly a few hours down the interstate with a load of brightly colored items to decorate her dorm.  She starts an early honors class on Monday.

Next Monday - no matter what the weather - will simply not be the same.   My duckings will be scattered and I will be sitting quietly at my dinner table - a few tears dripping into my coffee cup.

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Ellie said...

awwww. change is HARD! I can't imagine that we will be at that stage someday - right now it seems a long way off.

Make the coffee really strong so you can't taste the tears so much?!

xo ellie