Friday, August 12, 2011

Sweet Girl ~ Sweet Thank You

You prepare for years.  It is a goal.  For some, it seems like the time will never arrive.  For others, it comes way too fast.

For Holly, "it" is in two days.  She departs for college.

As I said above, we have been preparing for years.  But no matter how prepared we try to be, these last few days seem to be pure chaos.  So many things left to check off the list... oil change-check, hair cut-check, immunizations-check... the list goes on and on.

With the very emotional aspect of what is about to happen, I tend to get overwhelmed easily - resulting in quiet tears.

I promise scheduling oil changes doesn't normally bring me to a desperate search for a box of kleenex... but yesterday it did.

I can usually make it through a conversation with the hairdresser without my mascara running.... yesterday, not so much.

Holly knows.  She gets it.  She always gets it.  So yesterday, she drove her freshly serviced car, with her newly coiffed hair blowing out the window (I am sure) and her music a little too loud to a favorite destination of mine - and she picked up a coconut creme cupcake.

When I arrived home after getting her tag renewal, she presented me with the cupcake, a hug, and a thank you.

 Now - G!G!s cupcakes are very sweet; however, I have to say the hug and thank you were much much sweeter than that yummy cupcake yesterday!

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Ellie said...

what a sweet girl she is - your Holly girl. Luckily with all the technology she is never further than a text or a skype - not to mention a phone call away!

xo ellie