Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It "Clicked"!

I have 5 children.  Of the 5, 3 "learned" how to read.  It was evident on a daily basis that their reading skills were improving and they gradually "learned" to read.  2 did not learn how to read, it simply "clicked" all of the sudden.  They went to sleep one night struggling with putting all the rules and phonics together and simply woke up reading.  Seriously, all I can say for the 2 is something "clicked" while they slept.

Lilli was one of my two that simply "clicked".  I will admit I was a bit scared watching Daniel struggle many years ago.  It had all come so easy and "on schedule" for Joey and Holly.  But with that experience, watching Lilli over the last few years did not cause me concern.  I knew what would happen one morning.  I trusted and reassured her that it would happen.  And as with Daniel, when it "clicked", there was no looking back!

Lilli can read anything now!  And her comprehension skills are amazing!  It was worth the wait!  

Her current favorite:

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Sandy said...

Oh Miss Lilli, I LOVED hearing you read... more videos please mom!!!
You getting a southern drawl there little girl!!!
Love you!
Aunty Sandy