Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mom.... Run!

That is how Abby woke me up this morning.  I was rushed out of bed and down the stairs much like a (sleepy) lamb herded by a very talented sheepdog.

Giggling, Abby excitedly stopped in front of the refrigerator telling me i was not going to believe what I would see.

I opened the fridge to find this:

The girls had asked our trusty elf, Elvis, to show us a little magic last night.  Well, he did!  We woke up to green milk!  What an interesting cup of coffee I had this morning with frothed green milk!  : )

The girls loved the green themed breakfast!  They were also glad that Elvis choose to bring a scarf back from the North Pole to wear while he was in the fridge!  That led to an interesting conversation over breakfast about elves' closets.  What is in the closets?  Lots and lots of little red elf uniforms or do they have jeans and sweaters... maybe a Hawaiian shirt for the summer?  Hmmmmm... I guess we will always wonder about this!  ; )

1 comment:

Sandy said...

I wanna green brekky too!
Actually, no... I want a PURPLE one... but I guess that aint too Chrsitmasy. Imagine RED milk!!! Ooooh