Saturday, December 15, 2007

90 Years...

They say it takes 90 years to replace the trees needed to create one box of Kleenex. Well today, I have to say that I used 180 years worth of trees.

Our LOA ~ Letter of Acceptance ~ did not arrive today. Not only did it not arrive today, our agency was able to track down the problem. There are 12 families affected by a paperwork issue. Our Dossiers (paperwork) were the first to be "Logged In" under the new system of the Chinese Government and lets just say things did not go swimmingly.

So, the Judge family as well as 11 other families have all passed the crucial Review Step, our LOAs are printed... they are just being held "hostage" until the paperwork problems can be cleared up. Enter CHI... a representative of our agency will be on a plane ~ destination CCAA Office, Beijing to clear up this issue next week. We are all in hopes that she will be able to hand carry the dozen very important LOAs back to the US.

Bottom line... first we thought we would be with Lilli for her 3rd birthday in September... paperwork problem... ok, we will be with Lilli for Christmas... paperwork problem... now, January travel seems impossible, and as we are not allowed to travel for a week on either side of Chinese New Year, the reality has set in that we will be traveling to meet Lilli AnHui the last 2 weeks of February.
The rollercoaster that we call the journey to adoption.

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