Saturday, December 29, 2007

LOA Still in Transit ... Working on Quilt Squares to Pass the Time

What more can happen???? We waited so long for LOA and in transit... it remained in Seattle for a day or so because of a ice/snow storm. Hopefully it is now back in transit and on it's way down under.

Meanwhile, to help pass the time, I have been working on my 100 Good Wishes Quilt square swaps! You can read more about our 100 Good Wishes Quilt and learn how to help us with it by visiting (password: lillian). Some photos of my hard (but enjoyable) work are above... now I just have to mail them all! :)

1 comment:

Ellie said...

you looks so busy . . . your quilt squares/good wishes are very professional looking - WOW!!!!!!!!! You are amazing!

Can't wait to hear your LOA is in your hands :)