Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Children and Their Facination with Shoes...

I think it is strange. My children have a fascination with shoes. We even subscribe to a shoe magazine... not a catalogue ... but a real genuine magazine that is all about shoes! I remember when I was young having one pair of "tennis shoes" and one pair of dress shoes. When they became too small, we would get more. One of the greatest days of my life (ok... this was from the perspective of a 6th grader) was when my mom bought me an "extra" pair of shoes called YoYos... remember those? They were tall and had a hole in the heal... I was so COOL! I guess the apples don't really far too far from the tree!

Funny ~ we learned that Lilli AnHui loves shoes too! How great is that!!!

What sizes do I need to buy... all the way from a baby size 8 for Lilli to a men's size 15 for Joey!!!

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