Thursday, July 3, 2008

Is Lilli OK with the move???

YES!!! She "gets it" ~ really she does! She talks to my mother on the phone each morning and tells her each and every morning how we are flying on an airplane to America to buy a new house with "towers" (like a princess) and the truck is here packing all of her toys.

Lilli did ask me one time if she was going too... I told her yes yes yes! Since then... she is grand as always! She and Abby are having a great time playing in the much emptier house... twirling and dancing!

The older kids have all been very social... not home much since school let out for the break. They have all had going away parties and sleepovers with friends. Daniel's latest sleepover ended in the emergency room with stitches... trying to land a "bike jump" for the 4th time... he didn't and has a huge cut... and a youtube prove it! He crashed big time!

We are still waiting on Abby's immigration paperwork... hopefully all will be completed early next week.



GGAdventures said...

Wow, such a quick reply. :) Looks like they're having a blast with all of the room to twirl around in. Thank goodness your son was okay. Scary!

Tiffany said...

I remember my brother jumping bikes also and it always seemed to result in injury.
Good to hear your son is OK.

The girls look too cute as always!!!

Just think... when you are in the USA you will be able to order and receive Matilda Jane... YIPPIE....