Friday, July 18, 2008

The Land of NO Internet Access

We are back in Louisiana at my parent's house (no internet!!!). Despite the lack of current technology, the kids are having a blast as they always do when visiting with family.

The boys left this morning with Papa for a morning on the lake... hopefully they will catch enough fish for lunch!

My cousin came over and removed Daniel's stitches last night (he is a nurse). I still can't believe what a horrid job the Dr did on Daniel's leg. He will have a huge scar!

Holly spent the night with her Great Aunt last night... I wonder if the new laptop and wireless Internet that my Uncle just installed had something to do with that decision? Holly WAS/IS having Microsoft Messenger withdrawal!!!

We will depart Louisiana and return to Alabama on the 28th. Closing on the house is scheduled for the 30th! Unfortunately, my shipment from Australia is no where in sight and won't be considered "late" until the end of September. I guess we will be camping out in the dream house for a while! No worries!

Here is a picture of what a combination of jet lag and house hunting did to the littles ~ they just crashed on the hotel sofa:

Also... Lilli has discovered that she really likes "a stick with a hot dog"... or corndog to the rest of us! And good old American bacon is high on the list too!

More later!

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daveandmarcy said...

Oh my goodness I hadn't checked your blog in awhile and WOW did I miss a lot!! I'm so glad that your family has been able to come to these important decisions and get started on this exciting new phase in your lives. Thanks for keeping us posted!
Marcy in Guam