Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grow Where You Are Planted

There is one thing that military kids learn quickly ... grow where you are planted. Joe and I have always been so fortunate that all of our children do very well when we move. They are sad... but move on to bigger and better things where ever we might be. They have done especially good on this latest repatriation to the US.

Sports play a big part in meeting new friends and acclimating to a new location. School is another piece of the puzzle.

The older kids just received their latest report cards... between the 3 of them, they received 15 grades. Between the 3 of them, they had 15 A's. All 3 are taking honors/AP classes... and working very hard to be successful.
Next week, Joey and Holly make their first attempt at the ACT... can't wait to see how they do... hoping for 30plus for both... and all the scholarship $$ that come with a good ACT score and hard work in school!

Other than that... Spring has Sprung in Alabama. My azaleas are covered in bright red buds. The cherry trees (there are 3 in my driveway and I just planted a few more in the backyard) and dogwoods are in full bloom - the Bradford pears green for weeks now. It is simply stunning!

I am sitting on the back deck typing this entry. The girls are in shorts for the first time this year. They are playing a combination of basketball and baseball... with a turn on the swing every once in a while.

But... the winds have suddenly shifted direction and taken on a much cooler feel. Another cold front is headed our way this evening. Oh well... it was fun while it lasted. A few more weeks of hoodies and jeans... we will all survive!
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