Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Only 2 Ways to Raise Teens....

.... and this

is not the route Joe and I are choosing.

We are choosing this 2nd path instead:

This would be the wide open ... taking it all in approach ... where we make ourselves available to our children regarding any and all subjects.

I am learning very quickly that in the few years (ok...20 plus years) since I left high school and my teenage years behind... things have changed. REALLY CHANGED. And things changed even more between small private school overseas and massive public school in the south.
It is a scary, difficult, and dangerous world that surrounds my teenagers when they leave the safety and comfort of our home. I am continuously thankful that, thus far, they are making the right decisions in their lives. I tell them this on a daily basis.
I also use any and every opportunity that comes my way to talk with them about all subject regarding teens and life important decisions. Ask them and they can and will tell you their parents views on any topic. Funny, Joey had professional drivers training the other day and came home to proclaim that he had "Finally met someone more conservative than you mom"! Wow... I did nto realize that was possible...

One opportunity that I take advantage of often is television. There are several interesting shows that face certain topics head on and offer a jumping off point for meaningful conversations.
The newest show that we (Holly and I) have discovered is "The Secret Life of the American Teenager".

Originated by the lady that developed 7th Heaven, this show sure raised my eyebrows when I first started watching it. *** This show is like "hyper reality"... centering around a cute 15 year old honor student and "band nerd" (as she calls herself in the show) who gets pregnant while at band camp. Lots of small subplots ... all have my mouth hanging ajar at first. Think Juno .... as I am convinced the writer's idea came from this award winning film.
But all of the shock value and bad acting aside, this is a very witty little show with many important messages ... and a few tender moments thrown in.
Bottom line... as awkward and uncomfortable it is at times to chat with my children about topics that I can not even type... It is important that they know that they can come to Joe and I about ANYTHING... good, bad, and especially the ugly!
*** side note... my favorite television shows to this day are Little House on the Prairie and Brady Bunch... this considered it does not take much to raise my eyebrows! !! : )

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