Friday, March 27, 2009

YEAH!!!! and ARGH!!!!

YEAH for Lilli who is POTTY TRAINED! It has been 2 weeks now and she is doing beautifully! I think it was a combination of the sticker chart and just putting her in panties. Whatever - it has "clicked" with her and she is doing great! YEAH!!!!

ARGH for technology! Between the seven of us, we have more computers than I can count on one hand. And they all have more issues than I can count on two hands! ARGH! My Dell Laptop automatically shuts down when I click to join the millions surfing the net. It is probably something so very simple... and I am sure EVERY problem is a user caused problem... but ARGH!!!!!

Joe comes home in a few days and I am hoping that among other things, he can figure all of this out!

Until then... I will be a very happy mother... but a very frustrated computer user!


ellie said...

I've been missing you!

YEAH! for Lilli, that is such great news!!!! I'm so proud of her :)

ARGH for the computers! I'm so happy that Joe will be home to see you, and hopefully help out with your computers. Computer problems are not fun!


Our House of Five said...

YEAH! Hooray for Lilli-hooray for you! I am glad to hear your hubby will be home soon! I lost your blog for a bit, but am thrilled to have you back. Gee do I sound a bit like a stalker??? I am no longer on any groups-so I feel a little out of the loop, but strangely free! I did join facebook and think that is fun! Anyway glad all is well. Tracy

Kimberlie said...

Hooray for Miss Lilli! What a great accomplishment. I still have one in pull-ups at night. I think we will try to transition Meili to panties at night time this summer.

Sorry about your computer issues. I hope Joe can figure it out when he gets home. Oh that reminds me, Hooray for Joe coming home for a visit!!