Thursday, April 8, 2010

Field Trips are the Best!

Abby has been counting down the days for quite a while now. Finally, April 7th arrived! We were up and at em' early yesterday... and were the first car in the parking lot of our beautiful local Botanical Gardens.

Lilli was so happy that she was allowed to tag along for the fun!

The children started the day with a wild animal scavenger hunt... looking for clues to all the animals that call the garden home. They found paw prints and other evidence that the gardens are in fact full of interesting creatures!

There was also a special display of "tree-houses" built and donated by local companies. Most of the local companies have an engineering focus so each tree-house was truly amazing! Some a little too tall for this mom to "relax"... but all fun for the kids! Abby especially liked the Wizard of Oz tree-house... fully decorated with flying monkeys and wicked witch legs!

The garden was in full splendor with the tulips in bloom. It was a wonderful morning.

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