Friday, April 16, 2010

One Thing or Another

We are busy. School is winding down and as always, it seems as if so much is being "crammed" in the last few days. The kids don't have time to look up from their books.

Abby and Lilli are knee deep in baseball. They are LOVING that Joe is the assistant coach and the pitcher! Lilli hit a double this past Tuesday and brought two runners in! Abby had her turn at being pitcher and did a fantastic job! So much fun to watch the little ones play!

Daniel went to the Doctor last week and she thinks he has mono.... he is taking the test to confirm that today. Poor guy is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired!

Joe's first group of students are graduating.... can't believe he has been retired and at his new job for 7 months already... time sure does fly!

As for me... I just manage the calendar... and I'm not even that great at it! I am so ready for the relaxation that comes with JUNE!

Other than the normal busy... we did have visitors recently! Joe's sister and family stopped on the way to Atlanta - where they were headed for a big volleyball tournament. We had such a great visit... too bad it wasn't a little longer! We did have time to enjoy a great/competitive game of Apples to Apples... unfortunately I did not win one single round!!!

Can't wait to see everyone in August at the big family reunion!

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Ellie said...

oh poor Daniel - he does look tired :( The girls look great! I can't believe how much Joey looks like Daniel or vice versa!

Missing my Rebel! We will see you soon I bet!! Sending get well wishes to Daniel and lots of love to everyone.