Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lilli's Bunny

Lilli was writing in a notebook today. Lilli writes in notebooks everyday. In fact, Lilli will write on anything made out of paper - given to her for that purpose. Lilli loves to write letters on old recycled greeting cards - and she loves to read them to the intended recipient. Lilli loves to copy words off of anything... cereal boxes, books, a milk carton... you name it she will write it.

Usually, in the midst of all of her "words" Ms. Lilli will add a picture or two. I am always amazed at her artistic ability. She is 5 - but can draw and color like a much older little one!

Last week she drew Woody - from Toy Story fame... and when Joe and I "oohed and aahed" over her beautiful picture, she gifted us a second and third portrait of Jessie and Buzz!

Today her picture was a very small bunny....hmmmmm... I wonder why she had bunnies on her mind??? hahaha. She didn't copy the picture... she drew it all on her own. I know I am really a bit bias, but seriously, how cute it this.....

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Ellie said...

so cute! It is fun to see their gifts emerge isn't it? looks like you have an artist on your hands!!!