Tuesday, February 15, 2011

... "And One" More

I don't really know that much about the sport of basketball. I played in high school (being 6 feet tall I was only asked : ) to rebound)... I cheer for the New Orleans Hornets, and now can be found yelling "Roll Tide" at my television during the occasional televised University of Alabama game... and finally and most important, I have watched my five kids (yes, Lilli is playing this year! YEAH!!!) for about 15 years now.

One thing I do know - for certain - ... Daniel can "handle" a basketball.

The season is winding down... they are now in tournament play. Last night (yes... Joe and I cancelled our dinner reservations and happily spent a romantic ??? valentine's evening at the gym) - Daniel's team was victorious, which means they get to move on... one more game! Great job Nuggets!

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Ellie said...

Go Nuggets! That is so exciting! Is Daniel in 10th grade? I can't remember . . .