Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lilli's (2nd) Favorite Song - Karaoke Style

First.... a reminder to scroll to the bottom of the page and stop the music player before you try to watch these.

Second... the quality is not great... I recorded with my phone and then bluetooth-ed them to my computer. As you can tell... I was holding the phone the "wrong" way and have no clue how to make these straight... and... I promise, I was holding the phone the same exact way when recording the few seconds of Abby... and it came out horizontal???? I so don't understand.

Anyway... still worth watching sideways! : )

1) The first video is Lilli singing about a minute of her 2nd favorite song... Gott@ Go My Own Way from High School Music@l 2.... her favorite is Defying Gr@vity... I will have to figure out how to hold the phone correctly and make a video of that one for later.

2) "Out-take" with Daniel making Lilli giggle sooooooooooo much!

3) The "Musical Director" Abby at the control panel for the background music! : )



DawnS said...

Rylee said "Hey she looks like me, is she China too?" Then I was treated to Lilli and Rylee's favorite song in stereo as she sang along. She wants Lilli to know that she is REALLY good!! :)

More Kids 4 Me said...

HOW CUTE!!!!!!!