Saturday, May 7, 2011

... Let Them Celebrate

The plans had been made long ago....  but in light of the recent storms... every thing was up in the air until the school announced Thursday that Prom was "a go".   The kids were all thrilled.  Stores from all over the US shipped dresses to the High School for the girls that had lost theirs in the recent storms.   Girls from nearby high schools that had already had their proms donated their dresses as well.   Tuxes arrived last minute... but they arrived.  Flowers - those were hard to come by as so many florists lost their supplies and have not been able to get fresh flowers in.  Dinner Reservations had to shift as some places have yet to open. But... to the kids.... these were minor details... they were simply ready to celebrate ... to dance the night away... at their Senior Prom.

Holly has been ready to dance for months now.  Her partner in crime... Dennis.... who likes to dance even more than Holly ( both in their c@nverse tennis shoes??? ) , if that is possible!  ... can you tell from the photos below that these two are the life of the party??? : )

Joey was all too happy to return to his alma mater to escort his best friend, Sarah.  They looked just as amazing as they did last year!

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Ellie said...

Rebel, these are gorgeous photos! of your even more gorgeous children :) you are rockin' that camera girl! I love the first one - it looks so professional :) Holly and Dennis do look like they were the life of the party . . . !

xo ellie