Sunday, May 8, 2011

Meet Tucker

In Australia, they call good food - tucker... it is so good you want to eat it all up.... well, our "Tucker" is so cute, you would want to eat him up!  And he just loves to tuck his little head in when he is being held and go to sleep....  And... finally, I am completely "tuckered out" taking care of a new puppy!  So, although he was named Murphy when he first came home... we could not resist a little change to better match his personality!

He was my birthday/mother's day present from Joe and the kids... what a perfect gift for us all!  Thank you so much guys!

This is when we first met him... he was less than 2 lbs.  Yikes.... 

He came home the next week... at 2.3 lbs.  

He likes to snuggle with Holly while she is reading...

He is getting bigger... and his face is quickly turning silver.  

He now owns a basketball hoodie... seriously???  He will outgrow it soon... and we will not replace it!  hahaha... clothes for dogs???  Who would do such a thing???  

He still loves reading with Holly!  

I like to play in the clippings when the bushed are being trimmed!

Now 3 months old....

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Ellie said...

He's SOOOOOOO CUTE! Our puppies are not nearly as cute (and are seriously lagging in the potty training area!)

I am guessing Tucker is keeping you as busy as our two are keeping us - wowza!

Love & Miss you!

xo ellie