Sunday, May 29, 2011

First "Find" for Abby's New Big Girl Room...

With one more "kiddo" flying the coupe in the fall, the rest left at home will be shuffling bedrooms.

Daniel will move into Holly's old room where he will have his own bathroom.  That leaves Daniel's old room to Abby - and she and Lilli will share the jack-n-jill bathroom. We can not simply "transfer" Abby's twin bed to her new room, because - Holly still needs a place to "live" when she is home!  So... Holly will take over Abby's room when she is home for the weekend, holidays and summer (doubt that she will EVER return home for the summer... too many places to travel for her!) ... and Abby will "move back" in with Lilli - who will keep the matching twin beds that have served our family so well for over 10 years now!!!  : )  (seems like I had them made - in Jakarta - just yesterday... seriously!)

Anyway... back to the "FIND"...

Abby's idea for decor was simply "St@r W@rs".  I am taking that with a "grain of salt" of moving forward with a warm and cozy purple, gray, creme, black (and maybe even a hint of chartreuse) bedroom.  We have found an artist in Georgia, that is working on a few prints with D@rth V@der, Yod@, An@kin, etc ... but in a very cute style that will fit in with what is to become Abby's new abode.

Today, we made the trek out to an antique store south of town.  I have been watching a few local websites by a  few local "moms" that find old furniture and refinish it.  The other day, I saw a depression era bed - full size - that was recently redone.  It was solid wood - as all the beds were back in the day- and it was finished in a bit of a shabby black color.  I fell hard for the picture.  But seriously... it was not the first time that I had fallen for the picture, only to find that the actual furniture made me want to get up .... and run!!!  : )

Today was different... the bed was perfect!  It was just what we have been hoping for.  Abby likes the style  where the footboard wraps around the mattress a bit.  We saw a bed like that a while back in a furniture store and it was by far her favorite.... but too "pristine" for my taste.

So...Here it is:

LOVE IT!!!!!

 Here are a few of our inspiration photos... believe me, I will never achieve anything as grand and beautiful as these "looks"... but they are so beautiful to look at!

... and while I am sharing inspiration pictures... when all else is done in our home, I would love to spruce up the master bedroom a bit... I LOVE these two rooms...

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Ellie said...

oh MY! I LOVE that bed!!! So you bought it??!! YAY!

and you do know that that top MBR photo was my inspiration photo for my BR?! It's from the blog "Rare & Beautiful Treasures" right? I bought the duvet and now I am planning to sell it on ebay - the brown is too olivey green for me! anyway - I LOVE that and am considering doing molding like that in our MBR! scary that we like so many of the same things :)

I'm guessing you are looking forward to a very Holly summer - I bet you are going to miss her so much :(

xo ellie